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  • This was just what I needed. I had visited several local garages non of which particularly interested in working on an 18yo e46 and the price reflected that. I bought this kit along with a smaller kit for the diff bushes. This effortlessly removed wheel bearings, the hub came off with a decent slide hammer I picked up cheap. No issues at all with quality. I replaced all diff bushes, wheel bearing, and reluctor rings. Fixed my vibration issues and wheel sensor problems.

  • a lot faster than standard clamps compressing the strut/shock spring , ADVISE USING A RATCHET AN SOCKET, not a impact tool as a impact tool will only damage the threads on the bolt that clamps it. If done by socket and ratchet it for sure will last a life time

  • Bought this for changing the ball joints on my 14byear old renault master looks like the top ball joints were original. So very well rusted in. Took alot of pressure with this kit a large breaker bar and a lot of hammering the arm once it was under pressure but it done the job and cheaper than a garage hour labour rate

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